3 Hot Hair Colour for Indian Skin 2022

Hair Colours can instantly give you an extreme makeover , if you are actually planning to go for one ! While we all know how 2020 has been, it’s time we do a few experiments in 2021, What say? I’ve got a few hair color inspirations for you so quickly book mark it and show it to your hairstylist when you are going in for your hair makeover !! Let’s start

1. Brown Balayage for Indian Skin

A brown balayage is a hair color that’s identified by softer, more natural-looking highlights spread across on a brown base. There is no prettier way to create perfect dimension and movement for your chocolate locks than doing it the balayage way.  If you’re craving for a bit of summery feels on your strands, getting intermingling highlights on your brown hair is the best way to do it. Another reason to opt for a brown balayage is it’s extremely minimal maintenance. So even if your salon visit is due because of long list of chores, don’t worry! It won’t look out of place

2. Black Diamond Colour for Indian Skin

At times nothing is better than a classic shade of black. And trust me, when I say black hair color,I mean anything but basic. As the hottest trend of 2021, Glossy Black hair trend is stepping back in and this time they are here to stay. Also it might sound easier than it actually is. Black also come in varied tones to balance the glossy and to avoid it from looking soli and flat ! Black hair color can takes years off your face so if you are in for some age reversal then this is the shade for you.

3. Caramel Hair Color for Indian Skin

Caramel is that one shade which flatters a huge range of skin tone. Caramel hair color is an amazing sun-kissed blend of brown amd golden shades. This combination compliments all the skin tones from fair to deep. You can choose from choclate caramel to toffee caramel to caramel highlights! Hey! I am craving for sweets now.

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