This video has a collection of sunscreens which are greatly suitable for oily skin type and have oil free formula to give you the beat sun protection ! Hope you find it helpful 😊 

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video transcript:

so welcome to another episode of oily skincare series and in this video we are going to talk about the best sunscreens for oily skin type now viewing a sunscreen is must for every skin type but then i know if you’re an oily skin type person you’re very tempted to skip sunscreen because you do not like the heavy oil based formula we are going to talk about a few sunscreens which are not oil based and which might suit your skin type but if you want to know the benefits of sunscreen or the harmful effects of not applying sunscreen then i think let’s just quickly talk about that also i’m pretty sure they created benefits to let me tell you premature aging being one of the most you know one of the most common damages that sun can do to your skin second sunburns which are very common third hello skin cancer like why why do you want to do all of this to your skin right another myth about sunscreen is that wearing makeup products in my spf is more than enough no it’s just a myth sunscreen has to be a dedicated sunscreen no makeup or no face cream or no body lotion can protect you from the sun damage sunscreen protected by so you have to have to have a dedicated sunscreen in your skincare routine a few quick tips about sunscreen you have to wear a sunscreen minimum 20 to 30 minutes before sun exposure second is you have to wear a sunscreen under your makeup that’s the best way of wearing a sunscreen and third is to look out for a nice formula which does not make you sweat so that’s about the sunscreen and now we will talk about my top five picks the sunscreens in this video are you know rated on the basis of their price so cheapest one will be the first one and the most expensive one will be the last one so the first one obviously if you are an existing subscriber of this channel is this one you know my love for neutrogena dry touch ultra sure sunscreen it’s a 50 plus spf sunscreen it’s non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores it has matte finish so oily skin people hate shiny finish because  i shine they’re glad you do not want to add more shine to your face so this one has a matte formula which is oil free and it does not leave your skin looking greasy or heavy other thing is that this sunscreen does not leave any white cast on your face this gets absorbed in your skin within a few seconds to a minute this one is a broad spectrum sunscreen that means it protects you from both uva and uvb rays uva you can say that these are aging rays as a stands for in uvb you can say these are burning rays so this particular sunscreen protects you from both uva and uvb rays eventually avoids any aging signs or the burning signs that your skin can show after sun exposure this sunscreen is also waterproof and sweat proof so yeah this one is amazing all night now talking about its price this one retails at 549 for 88 ml of quantity american link description box with you can buy it online all right so the second sunscreen in the list of best sunscreen for oily skin i’ll have to read out the name because it’s too complicated for me to say it in one go this is from requil this is require oxybenzone and omc free sunscreen for oily sensitive and acne prone skin this once again spf 50 pa plus plus and this retails at 460 rupees for 50 grams of quantity so this sunscreen is particularly free from oxybenzone and omc as it says and talking about these two ingredients these two are basically chemical ingredients which are found in the sunscreen that penetrate deeper into your skin these ingredients might or might not suit someone if you have acne prone skin and if these ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin can trigger allergic reactions hormonal imbalance and eventually acne so this particular sunscreen is good for people who have oily acne prone skin the brand claims that it has low penetration formula which is great for oily and acne prone skin and protects you from harmful uv rays of the sun it also says that it provides protection for at least long hours in a single application which i do not feel is true you have to reapply your sunscreen if like you are exposed to sun the best part about this sunscreen that even though it’s a cream formula it spreads evenly like a lotion it feels very light and you know non greasy on oily skin so all in all it’s a great sunscreen for oily and acne prone skin type the next sunscreen for oily skin type people is one from la shield la shield 40 spf plus sunscreen the brand says it comes with pa plus plus plus anti-aging sunscreen gel now having said it a gel do not confuse it to be like a transparent gel sort of material it looks more like a butter sort of a material this one retails at 790 for 60 grams of quantity i know it’s expensive but you will find it on sale on amazon for close rupees 500 so it’s a nice buy for sure link in description box below this sunscreen also has uva and uvb filters so it obviously protects your skin from sun damage it’s 40 spf it is fine it’s like perfectly fine next thing is that it’s water resistant and sweat proof so that is like an amazing thing this one is also preservatives and alcohol free so it’s an amazing added advantage for oily skin type people the next great part about the sunscreen is that it does not smell medicated a lot of sunscreens in the market smell medicated or rather they have very strong fragrance so that’s not the case with the sunscreen this has a very mild aroma which is tolerable even by people who have sensitive nose it also leaves a very nice and glowing effect on your skin it gets absorbed easily and does not leave any sort of a white cast this one is specifically great for people with sensitive skin type because that’s what product claims it’s dermatologically tested the next thing is which like you’ll have to obviously reapply this sunscreen like the other ones so yeah that’s about the third sunscreen the next one is again from the brand require ultra matte dry touch sunscreen gel this is also spf 50 pa plus plus plus it’s a water resistant sunscreen which has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and the price for this sunscreen is 695 for 50 grams of quantity this one again is a very dry touch sort of a sunscreen it is not oily not greasy it leaves your skin very light and dry and this one is also water and sweat free and bran says that it’s a perfect under makeup sunscreen with ir protection so basically you can use the sunscreen as your makeup primer as well and it will give you added sun protection but i understand this is a little expensive so you can select the sunscreen as for your budget islamic minimum selection maximum price sucky sunscreen is the last sunscreen is from my favorite brand which is set up this is cetaphil high protection 50 spf sunscreen and this is also a sunscreen gel which does not mean a gel gel but it’s like a light cream based formula now the brand says that this particular sunscreen is dermatologically tested non-comedogenic and its fragrance and paraben free so if you’re someone who is allergic to fragrance based products and this is just the right bed for you also it specifically highlights that it is a very protective and very water resistant formula which they have used in the sunscreen so if you are someone who is very active in sports or if you are an athlete then i think you should go for the cetaphil sunscreen because it can provide you a lot more coverage from sun damage as compared to the other sunscreens on this list also this one is a great sunscreen if you get tanned really easily by sun exposure but obviously this is a little expensive this one is for 990 rupees or 50 ml of quantity so obviously yes it’s expensive and you do not have to actually go for such expensive sunscreens but then if you have the budget and you can afford an expensive sunscreen then this is just a must-go sunscreen these are my best sunscreens for oily skin type if you have liked any of these or if you have used any of these sunscreens then make sure you comment down below and let me know how the experience was for you or i’m available on instagram my handle is ranchi dot me you can follow me there and ask me as many questions as you like and i think this is all we have for today’s video i will see you again very soon with another video in the oily skincare series but that’s all for now i’ll see you again bye

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