How to make DIY flaxseed gel at home ?

Flaxseed gel is an amazing ingredient that is used in various DIY for skin and for hair too. This flaxseed gel at home is super easy to DIY at home on your own. It is multipurpose gel used which can be used to get beautifully tight skin with no wrinkles and a lot of glow and also for beautiful locks that are super hydrated, smooth to touch and shiny !

All in all flaxseed is great ingredient for DIY and provide all the benefits at a bare minimum cost. Now that we know the benefits of flaxseed gel, let’s get started with 

how to make flaxseed gel at home on your own ?

Recipe of DIY flaxseed gel :

1/4 Cup – Flaxseeds

2.5 Cup – Water

Method –

Put water in a pan and turn the stove on. Heat the water in the pan for about 1 to 2 minutes. Then add flaxseed to this heated water and keep on stirring the mixture for about 10-15 minutes with the help of a spoon. As soon as you see that the mixture has started turning slimy and is somewhere close to the consistency of an egg white, it’s time to switch off the stove. Another way to identify that your DIY flaxseed gel is ready is to see if the mixture has started sticking to the back of the spoon.

Now comes the most important and crucial part of the flaxseed gel prepration. Be very careful while you are doing it ! Here we have to strain the mixture with the help of a sieve. Make sure you do it just after switching off the stove because if you leave it for sometime or if you wait for it to cool down, the flaxseed gel will start hardening and will be difficult to strain. You better do this immediately after turning off the stove and be really cautious. Strain the flaxseed gel in a glass bowl and then let it cool down.

Once it’s cool down, your beautiful gel is ready to be used !!

You can add a few spoons of Aloe Vera gel or your favourite bunch of ingredients to make it more effective.

How long can a homemade flaxseed gel last ?

Homemade flaxseed gel can last up to 3 weeks but make sure you refrigerate it.

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