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‘CICA’ is an ingredient that is suitable for most skin types including dry, oily, sensitive and even acne-prone skin and helps skin to repair and protect the skin barrier (anti-aging). It is known to be effective for soothing sensitive and irritated skin. If you have rosecea, redness or inflammation, CICA will be very helpful as well. K Beauty brand based in Seoul, South Korea,K-POP Idol group, BTS(2017 – 2019) and BT21 (2017-2018), CICA skin care line, VTxBTS makeup , ,VTxBT21 makeup ​

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just look at the result i mean hi guys welcome to another interesting video and in today’s video i’m gonna be doing my whole skincare with you guys with the help of these skin care products which are sent to me by a very nice brand called vt cosmetics if you’re seeing my videos for the first time make sure you hit the subscribe button because that’s very important and without any delay we will jump right into the video vt cosmetics is a k beauty based brand which is based in seoul south korea and they have really nice makeup and skincare products they are particularly famous for their collaboration with the k-pop band bts i know you must be impressed with that they have a huge makeup line and they have a huge skin care line as well and they wanted me to try their sica skin care products zika is also known as a tiger grass it’s a really nice skincare ingredient it is very very very helpful for anti-aging and if you are someone who struggles with angry skin with a dry skin with irritated skin then i think you should definitely consider including sica based products in your skin care sica is one ingredient which is suitable for almost everyone in every single skin category so that’s the magic about this skin care ingredient and without any delay we would start the skin care today with all the products based on sica so the first product which i am using from vt cosmetics is sika cross hylon sika mild cleansing water so i’m going to take a few drops i’m going to remove the basic makeup first and then we will get into the messy eye and lip makeup oh so it’s nice this lipstick is really stubborn it’s coming out very smoothly with this cleansing water this cleansing water smells a little soapy and i think that’s because of the ingredient list because all of these products which i have tried once they have the same kind of smell so i’m assuming that’s because of sika so this is my first experience with zika products as well it’s a waterproof mascara and it’s coming out really smoothly so let me tell you i’m very impressed with this cleansing water for sure and then i will go and wash my face and i’ll come back and we will get started with the masking so my skin feels really squeaky clean and it’s amazingly soft so one thing to notice about this cleansing water is that it leaves your skin very very very hydrated so that’s something i really liked about this cleansing water because otherwise the cleansers strip your skin off the essential oils it just you know feels really drying because they contain a lot of drying agents but then this one in particular felt very hydrating now let’s start with the vt seeker tone up mask very fancy this is this says it’s intensive toning system soothing brightening and then they have things written in korean which i obviously can’t read so this is something which i’m going to use for the first time on this video itself and i still have the other five in the box oh okay it has got cream sort of a thin tan see it has cream not the gel so i’m gonna put it like this now let’s apply this one the dimensions of this mask is a little weird for my face see it’s not covering my upper lip area nor it’s covering my nose area so it’s a little weird it’s too broad on forehead and then it’s really narrow on the chin area we will be back after 20 minutes so i’ve heard really great reviews about this stone-off mask because it brightens and makes your skin transparent that’s what brand claims and let’s see what it does for me so i am going to take rest now we still have a lot of product inside this mask i’m sorry for the noise see how much i still have so so guys it’s been 20 minutes and i had a really nice time first of all i want to talk about the fact that this mask leaves on your face it’s super soothing it’s really really cold i mean it’s literally very cold so if you have any you know if your skin’s angry i think this is something which you can use to uh just calm it down it’s it’s a 34 mask like six masks for 34 which comes down to like 400 plus like 410 or something and this better do something because this is on expensive side so let’s just see oh oh did you guys notice the brightening effect or like i’m the only one who’s just noticed it so this surely is really writing brightening so i mean the areas where i did not had the mask that’s a little dark a little dark as compared to the areas which were just covered under this formula i liked it i really liked it i mean so this is something which which you’re not supposed to use on a daily basis being on the expensive side i suggest that you can use it on the days when you really want to shine because this really leaves your skin hydrated super plump see yeah so i’m going to massage the remaining formula on my skin and we will leave it as it is it’s it’s super brightening it is brightening it does have a brightening and toning effect and that’s for sure yeah i am loving it i’m gonna save rest five for my special days but undoubtedly it’s expensive but i’m happy that it says it it does what it says i am really very much impressed with this face mask like really moving on to the next product which is vtca smoother i read a lot about this particular product on internet this is like a replacement for the aloe vera gel it’s very suitable for the korean summers that’s what they have specified on the internet again it has sika it’s it’s cooling it’s soothing it’s calming again for the angry skin this is something which you can apply it’s a multi-purpose body gel you can use it all over your body you can use it in your hair you can use it on your skin so this is something i really like about it again price will be mentioned right here so i’m not gonna lie i have used a decent amount of this product and i’m very very very much impressed with it so this has same consistency as that of aloe vera gel so yeah and it’s transparent you need this is like too much it will spread very easily but then just for the show purpose of taking huge amount i’m gonna massage it on my skin and leave it this immediately comes down your skin so i think every product from sika from vt cosmetic sika skincare line is super helpful if you have sensitive skin which gets irritated really easily and this also feels really cool and soothing just look at the result i mean i’m just gonna head to my bed straight away so again another amazing product from the sika skincare line of vt cosmetics let’s move on to the last product we have the sika mild sun cream and this has 32 spf which is pa plus plus so i have used it once and let me just quickly show it to you it’s a very nice and cute bottle it’s a plastic bottle and i really like do one more thing about this product in particular which is it’s tip i really like the way it dispenses it’s very uh the the hole is really tiny and the amount of sunscreen dispenses you can directly apply it on your face with the help of this tube you don’t need to take out the quantity on your hand and then put it all over it’s nighttime and i’m just you know off to bed i’m not gonna apply this product but i will definitely show you the consistency how it looks and might review so let’s take out some quantity on hand you can dispense controllable amount of quantity and this is the sunscreen it’s 32 pa 32 spf and if i rub it you will see so one thing i’d like to highlight here about this particular sunscreen that it does leave a little bit of white glaze or white cast on your face which i hate in sunscreens which i really really hate about sunscreens so i was not a very good like i was not a huge fan of the sunscreen when i applied it at first but you will see the magic in few seconds it gets absorbed in your skin like this so take a look at it it’s a little brightening it does have a white cast and if you massage it in your skin you will see that it gets absorbed in your skin while leaving your skin bright so just compare so that’s the magic i found in this sunscreen because what usually happens whenever you apply a sunscreen either leaves your skin very oily greasy or with a huge amount of white cast and this is something which did not happen with this particular sunscreen from vt cosmetics i was assuming it to be a very oily product because given the white cast it was leaving at the very beginning i was thinking that i’m gonna like like never use it in future but with the magic it leaves it’s amazing second thing it is very very very nice for people with oily or combination skin because it is a very matte sunscreen take a look at it it’s super matte it’s like super matte although i will not suggest it for people with dry skin because i think it will be really drying on your face but for people with oily extremely oily and combination skin this is something which will work best for you and i applied it a few times and i think i did not get any allergy i’m very sensitive to sunlight i get sunburns very very easily but then with the application of the sunscreen i did not get any sunburns so this was my review for the last product from vt cosmetics and i think this is going to be a wrap for now if you are new to this channel if you watch this video for the first time on my face for the first time which looks very stupid by now make sure you hit the subscribe button i do not look this stupid usually maybe so make sure you watch all of the videos and these were the products if you have any question in particular you can drop me a message on instagram my handle is to transhi dot me or you can drop in a comment below but make sure you hit the subscribe button where’s the fourth product it’s right here so make sure you hit the subscribe button that’s very important i keep making these interesting videos every single week i hope you like them and that’s all for now i’m signing off see you again very soon with another video till then bye

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