Wedding Series - Happy Shadi by Chitranshi

Wedding Series – Happy Shadi by Chitranshi

Wedding Series – Happy Shadi by Chitranshi

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so welcome to the wedding series i am pretty sure that everybody is super excited since the wedding season is just around the corner and many many many congratulations and all the best for my cute and beautiful brides to be and this wedding series is specially curated for all of you see basically essential items

without any fail hi guys i am if you are new here make sure you subscribe because i keep making interesting videos every single week what i would say because i am ready with my list of stuff that you should make sure that you pack before going to your sajna’s house that’s very important as cliche as it sounds but it’s important now let’s get started when you have your wedding just around the corner and you start packing your bags is bad medi but

and that’s where you go wrong because you are never going to use them in your life ever again so the very first tip the very first thing you need to buy to start packing your bridal bag is a suitcase a sub sale pitcher description box

second most important item in your bridal essential list is your

make sure that you have a new set of these toiletries ready in your bag basic toiletries

now the third item which is very important and that’s a must in your bridal essential list is your lingerie bag make sure that you have at least five pair of basic laundry set in your bag ready uh you can buy online also if you know your sizes best you can buy it from the same brand do not stock up on a lot of sets what’s our pairs i suggest laundry pair would be more than enough third item in your bridal essential list is going to be your makeup kit and this is going to be a very

but then yes you should have your basic makeup kit ready in your suitcase

important and often ignored item that is your lounge where your sleep bed and i’m talking about the basic lounge where i’m pretty sure

come back to your basics and i suggest buying a few a pajama and t-shirt set if you are not sure about what generally people wear in that house otherwise buy anything you are comfortable with but i suggest that you buy a few pajama sets for sure coordinated night suits


you can buy from amazon you do not need to waste your time and go to market for this basic stuff you should have at least five new pair of these loungewears then another item which is a must-have is artificial jewelry see we are in the times japanese if you are somebody who is going to join your office and if you travel a lot i don’t feel that safe to wear gold but then obviously you are a newly uh married person so after jewelry be and i’m pretty sure people like to dress up that way you can invest in a few artificial jewelry few artificial pieces that could be something like a sleek gold chain with a nice and beautiful pendant then you can invest in a few rings you can buy silver rings also

basic see basic gold sutra if you if you’re wearing that that’s okay but then if you are going on your honeymoon i suggest that you do not carry any gold stuff because

you don’t want to take risk with the expensive stuff right so i suggest that you carry artificial jewelry on your honeymoon and if you are somebody who travels daily to work just after getting

then they’re very trendy and you can wear them and you can buy these from amazon then we have last item which is again a bridal essentials this is footwear

so i suggest that you can buy a few basic classic footwear in black that’s for sure

but a very nice and you know matte silver always works then you can always invest in a white pair of footwear white pieces and then talking about footwear there’s one more item that you need to have in your bag that is golden heels agar up golden heels yellow block heels i would suggest the most comfortable form of heels

so they go very very nicely with your traditional items so this video was

you can follow me on instagram and you can drop me a message also i can definitely help you out trust me i have been there and i did a few mistakes through my every mistake [ __ ] and i really want that for mistakes questions

related to this wedding video series so make sure you hit the subscribe button if you’ve liked this video and i’m pretty sure they’ll be very helpful because i am telling you this from my experience they’re going to be very relatable videos so make sure you subscribe to this channel and also hit the like button because it’s going to be very important to comment on you and this is all we have for today’s video i will see you again very soon with another video till then bye and congratulations

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